Volcor Video Analysis

Volcor Video Analysis is advanced sport analysis software specifically designed to capture digital video and analyse any motion-related activity. It is the ultimate tool to complement today’s coaches and allied sports medicine professionals. It gives you the edge to grow your business.

It can help coaches to analyse student’s movements frame by frame, in perfect clarity. It makes error identification accurate and effective, creating a friendly, productive learning environment for everyone. It can also be used by amateur and professional players of all sports to improve their athletic form and technique.

  • Capture videos via standard capture, mouse click capture or audio trigger capture methods.
  • Create synchronized overlay & comparison videos.
  • Create Collections from multiple videos.
  • Create videos from frames in a collection and from key frames.
  • Add various graphics, grid, hyperlink on specific frames.
  • Apply various digital effects on video.
  • Save rotated and flipped a video.
  • Pack & Go the projects to compressed file.
  • Visual Open which will shows video thumbnails to open a video for playback.
  • Download video from YouTube and upload video to your YouTube account.
  • Print video frames with your logo and banner.
  • Email videos frames to multiple students.
  • Add videos and students to video bar for easy access.
  • Create a Lesson Video for your students.
  • Manage Student Details and their videos.
  • Drag and drop videos from the video bar for playback, compare and overlay.
  • Bulk Student Register from an Excel File.
Volcor Video Analysis Volcor Video Analysis
Volcor Video Analysis Volcor Video Analysis
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