Volcor Software Resume Creator Pro | Windows Phone
Resume Creator Resume Creator Pro


Volcor Software Patient Book | Windows Phone


Volcor Software Kids Tracker | Windows Phone


Volcor Software Wedding Organizer | Windows Phone


Volcor Software Spices Benefits | Windows Phone
Spices Benefits Spices Benefits


Volcor Software Quotation Creator | Windows Phone


Volcor Software Fruits Benefits | Windows Phone
Fruits Benefits Fruits Benefits


Volcor Software Task Manager | Windows Phone


Volcor Software Health Meter | Windows Phone
Health Meter Health Meter


Volcor Software Invoice Creator | Windows Phone

Tracker Pro

Mileage Tracker | Volcor Software  | Windows Phone


Volcor Software Punjabi Bhangra | Windows Phone

EMR Website

EMR Website | Volcor Software

Online EMR Portal for one of the leading clinic in USA.

Investigative eCommerce

Investigative eCommerce Website | Volcor Software

E-Commerce website for a well-known Investigative Agency in USA

City Jhalak

City Jhalak | Volcor Software

Online Marketing & Advertising Portal about latest happening in city

Dack Software Design

Dack Software Design | Volcor Software

Website for Software Designing Company.

Cardgraphy Creations

Cardgraphy | Volcor Software

Website for Cardgraphy Creations

Ucar Software Design

Ucar Software Design | Volcor Software

Website for Software Designing Company

Laetus Glass

Laetus Glass | Volcor Software

Website for Unique Handmade Glass Making Company

Student Job Portal

Student Job Portal | Volcor Software

Student Job Portal for college students and employers

Sport Video Analysis

Sport Video Analysis | Volcor Software

This is advanced sport analysis software specifically designed to capture digital video and analyse any motion-related activity.

Network Surveillance

Network Surveillance Software | Volcor Software

A network surveillance software to view camera at various remote location with features like zoom, pan, tilt, tour and preset.

S.M.S. Downloader

Secure Multisegment Downloader | Volcor Software

Secure Multisegment Downloader (SMS-Downloader) is a multi-segmentation downloader application with support for premium user. It can download multiple files with `n` number of segments.

English Learning

English Learning Application | Volcor Software

A English learning application with features to learn 500 basic words to speak 90% of English language.

E-Clinic Application

E-Clinic Application | Volcor Software

A fully customizable clinic application to maintain various patient details like Surgery detail, Visit details, Allergy detail, etc. Also contains BMI Calculator and Schedule management.

Non Call Task Monitor

Non Call Task Monitor | Volcor Software

Non Call Task Monitor application is created for leading Aviation Company to monitor and track inactive time by agents based on setting done on server.

Volcor Billing System

M | Volcor Software

Volcor Billing System is a customized solution to manage customer details and create quotations, invoice, challans and purchase order.


M-Downloader | Volcor Software

M-Downloader is a multi-segmentation downloader application with support for premium userand having advance features Speed Limit, Scheduling, link checker and many more.

Task Management

Task Management | Volcor Software

Task Management System is a customized solution to manage projects in your company with advance reporting, to keep track of projects and make sure it get completed before deadline.